PATTAMPOOCHI is produced by Khusbu Sundar and written and directed by Badri Narayanan. This movie gets a delayed release.

A supposedly murder mystery set few decades back, PATTAMPOOCHI suffers from average production design and lazy execution. The narrative is lethargic and the absence of suspense is a huge setback. The criminal investigation is dull and listless. Characterization of the villain is found wanting while the rest of the characters too do not impress much.

Sundar C is average in a plain role. Jai puts in his typical effort in a much more important role. Honey rose is okayish. The rest are just there.

Krishnasamy’s cinematography is standard. Background score by Navneet Sundar is OK. Editor Fenny Oliver tries to spice up proceedings. Dialogues are normal while direction is average.

PATTAMPOOCHI is a below average murder mystery that doesn’t intrigue.





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