Vezham is a romantic thriller written and directed by Sandeep Shyam. The film is produced by K4 Kreations.

VEZHAN is a romantic thriller that springs a few twists and turns. The first half of the film is more about romance and the characters while the second half is when the movie really takes off. While the first half had nothing much to offer the second half is an overkill with lots of twists and explanations that don’t necessarily stick Overall the film has a neat screenplay that is clear in its objective and sticks to it’s purpose without digression. Yet, the length of the film is tad long.

Ashok Selvan continues to impress. Janani Iyer compliments well. Mohan Agashe is good. The rest do their job well.

Cinematography by Shakti Aravind is good. Background score by Jhanu Chanter elevates the proceedings. The songs are decent. Editing could have been crisper and a lot better. Dialogues are fine and direction is neat.

VEZHAN is a decent surprise for a weekend watch.





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