N4 is an action thriller drama written and directed by Lokesh Kumar and produced by Dharmraj films.

Set in the famous Kasimedu neighbourhood of Chennai, N4 tries to explore characters based in that part of the city where the community have their own travails that are so different to the ones the rest of the population encounters. The film takes a very long time to get going. Close to the interval is when the film begins to heat up. Weak screenplay again makes it difficult to be part of the proceedings. Drugs. Politics,. Action are comfortably intertwined and the narrative gets interesting post interval. N4 has a decent climax.

N4 scores on performances. Gabriella Sellus and Vinusha Devi score over others. Michael, Akshay and Afzal are good too.
Cinematography by Divyang is decent. Balasubramaniam’s background score and songs are average. Editing could have been much sharper. Dialogues are fine and direction honest.

N4 is a neat attempt !!



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