An adaptation of the Kannada hit “MUFTI”, PATTHU THALA IS a neo noir action thriller written and directed by Obeli Krishha. The film is produced by Gnanavel Raja.

A racy start PT makes the right moves as the characters storm the scenes from every corner of the screen. As the movie progresses a few more characters are dumped with most of them loosely defined. The muddled sequences make the viewer lose interest despite potential in the screenplay. The scenes notwithstanding the build-up don’t hold up and fall flat. The first half hardly makes any impression. In the second half it’s all mayhem with everything revolving around the protagonist and with a dash of sibling drama too. There are so many loose ends that it would take forever in trying to connect them. The overdone climax is another huge letdown.

Silambarasan is as stiff as you can get and he doesn’t fit the role. Gowtham Karthik is OK. GVM does fine. Priya Bhavani Shankar is good while the rest just fit in.

Cinematography by Farooq Basha is ordinary. ARR’s background score fails to impress, while the songs are just borderline. Praveen KL’s editing is OK with the content on hand. Dialogues are average and direction middling.
PATTHU THALA is a tailless ordinary fare !!



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