NAWAZUDDIN SIDDIQUE: Plays the dominant role of Balasaheb Thackeray with conviction and flair. His impersonation of Balasaheb’s charismatic, flamboyant and roaring firebrand leader of the masses has been deftly displayed on the screen by the actor.

AMRITA RAO: Played Meenatai Thackeray, wife of Bala Saheb as docile and home-maker lends minimal support to the lead role.

STORY: The biopic traces the uprising of Bal Thackeray from an outspoken cartoonist to become a saviour for the ‘Marathi manoos’ to counteract the growing influx of migrants in their home-state Maharashtra establishing Shiv Sena, a new political outfit. The story journey’s through his political life with a glimpse of his personal life.


SCREENPLAY: Inconsistent

DIRECTION: Abhijit Panse made a sincere attempt to paint Thackeray as the firebrand influential leader of the masses in Maharashtra without mincing use of his divisive strong language but getting indulgent at times.

THACKERAY (2019): The pitch-perfect portrayal of Bala Saheb with a stellar performance from Nawazuddin with minimal makeup brings out candidly larger-than-life personification of a truly vibrant strong character in the film. The film depicts many real-life political leaders with actual names played by supporting actors with much credence. Different shades of BalaSaheb are vividly brought out in a commendable manner which is bound to impress the cinema-goers.

Review by Shreya Ghosh


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