Steel Rain (2017)

“Steel Rain” turned out to be a rather interesting movie, both in terms of story and also in sheer thrilling entertainment. It was a great story that really had some rather realistic elements to it. And the story line started out quite nicely and in great pace, and it never really lost its momentum along the way.

  • The performances of the two lead actors Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won are excellent, and the relation they form is a delight to watch.
  • The visual and technical aspects of the film are top notch.
  • The action scenes are shot and executed very well.
  • The emotional aspect of the film has been dealt with very well.
  • The film is very gripping thanks to the excellent story and crisp editing.

The characters in the movie were also quite nicely detailed and brought to life on the screen. Again, lots of realism here and it was characters that you quickly could relate to and bond with. And of course it helped quite a lot that they had gotten together a rather good assembly of actors and actresses to portray the various roles.

The movie offers equal amounts of action, drama and character growth, which turned out to be a great combination. Everything in the movie just turned out great and came together quite nicely as the movie ended.

If you enjoy the South Korean cinema, then “Steel Rain” is definitely a movie well worth spending time and money on.

Review by Paul Haakonsen



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