Capmaari (2019)

The film is produced by Green Signal and is written and directed by S.A.Chandrashekar. Kollywood’s “green signal” for adult comedy is getting the thumbs up every year and this film tries to up the benchmark yet again with an overdose of double “meaners” that most filmmakers assume is the most vital ingredient in such films. Wine and women is what all this film talks, ridicules … Continue reading Capmaari (2019)

Kaalidas (2019)

Leaping Horse Entertainment, Incredible Productions and Dina Studios have produced this film that is written and directed by Sri Senthil. Thriller is a genre that Kollywood has found success with of late. Recent success stories in this genre have inspired many to make films in this genre. KAALIDAS begins quite staid, but the film gradually builds up throwing in some very fine moments in the … Continue reading Kaalidas (2019)

Marina Puratchi Movie (2019)

Produced and directed by MS Raj. Marina Puratchi is a documentary on the famed “Jalli Kattu” protest that created quite a sensation across the country. This film is an assorted recollection of the remonstration. It guides the viewers through the initial stages of the protests the people behind it and the way it turned out to be a mammoth spectacle that surprised everyone. Though there … Continue reading Marina Puratchi Movie (2019)

Jada (2019)

Kollywood seems to have taken a fancy for sports drama of late and after a decent “KANA” and the  wishy-washy “BIGIL” comes JADA that is produced by The Poet Studios and written and directed by Vignesh Rajagopal. JADA starts off as a sports film but very unconvincingly. The plot is a not just predictable like in all sports films it is also presented shakily. The director … Continue reading Jada (2019)


Yoodlee Films produce this film that is written and directed by Madhumita Sundararaman.  Madhumita is known for her films like “Kola Kolaya Munthirika” and “Vallamai Tharayo”. KD has a simple premise that is nicely woven with some cute intermittent moments and a few stark realities of life. The screenplay too is minimalistic and lets the journey unravel than forcefully start, pause and end the drama. Characterization … Continue reading KD (KARUPPU DURAI) (2019)